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About Us

We are Sam and Ally, the girls behind the cameras. We are sisters, who love to capture special memories.

Our Studio based in Wootton allows us to capture many of our sessions. 

We have a real love for photography, which really stemmed after we had children, we were obsessed by taking photos!

Ally has a design background and studied photography and Sam has always been an amateur photographer. We decided then to turn our passion into a business where we could work together and Double Take Moments was born. Our passion is photography. We love it, we can't enough of it (much to the annoyance of our husband's when we bring our camera equipment everywhere! )

We love working with children, they are our passion! They are so much fun and unfazed lots of the time by the camera. We try to make them feel as relaxed as possible in front of the camera. We adore shooting couples and Weddings. We love to be part of a special day, helping when needed, being a go to person and at times blending in so your barely notice us. Our aim is to tell your Wedding Day as a story. With vintage style, natural and as un-staged photography as possible. We will help you achieve the style you want for your big day! 

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